Bouncing Across the Seine

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Everybody loves a bouncy castle, even the most stern-faced of adults can enjoy the freedom of flying through the air without a care in the world (as long as they don’t land on their neck).

Seine Trampoline Bridge

Using that idea, Parisienne architecture firm Atelier Zündel Cristea have proposed a trampoline bridge across the river Seine in Paris. Given that the Seine already has thirty seven bridges across Paris, AZC state that “it appears to us that Paris already has the bridges and passages necessary for the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic across its waterways. Our intention is to invite its visitors and inhabitants to engage on a newer and more playful path across this same water.”

Seine Trampoline Bridge

It was submitted as part of an architectural design competition organised by Archtriumph with the brief of simply designing a bridge in Paris (AZC’s entry finished third). Theoretically the bridge would be constructed close to the pont de Bir-Hakeim, an existing bridge that links the fifteenth and sixteenth arrondissements.

Seine Trampoline Bridge

The bridge has captured the minds of creative spirits. Designed as three inflatable rings made of PVC membrane, each ring is filled with 3,700 cubic metres of air. Held down by cords at each end and held in tension through a series of arches, the arches form three bridges allowing riverboats to pass underneath.

Almost certain to remain in the idea box, the bridge will hopefully inspire a new wave of bouncy building designs. Hold onto your berets and baguettes!

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  1. Jean Paul

     (post author)   says:

    Love it! Very creative and looks like fun!

  2. Taku

     (post author)   says:

    this is crazy…. too bad it will never be built

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