Dutch Architect plans 3D-printed building

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Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars is planning the radical construction of a new “Landscape house” using a 3D printer. The concept features a loop design, folded in an endless möbius band that forms a surface without end or beginning.

3D Printed building concept

Mr Ruijssenaars has teamed up with mathematician and sculptor Rinus Roelofs and Enrico Dini, inventor of the massive 3D printer, D-Shape, in order to create the printed building. The building would still require concrete and fibreglass reinforcement, however, it does represent the growing influence of 3D printing in the modern world.

3D Printed building concept

Mr Ruijssenaars recognizes the vast potential of the technology.

“3D printing is amazing,” he told the BBC.  “For me as an architect it’s been a nice way to construct this specific design – it has no beginning and no end and with the 3D printer we can make it look like that.

“In traditional construction you have to make a mould of wood and you fill it with concrete and then you take out the wood – it’s a waste of time and energy.

“You can print what you want – it’s a more direct way of constructing.”

3D Printed building concept

The massive D-Shape printer would be programmed to churn out 20-by-30 feet strips of sand that will then be combined with a binding agent to form a “marble-like” material.

3D printing expert Enrico Dini highlights how 3D printing gives more control to the architect; “by simply pressing the ‘enter’ key on the keypad we intend to give the architect the possibility to make buildings directly without intermediaries who can add interpretation and make mistakes in the realization.”
3D Printed building concept

Museums, visitor centres and private individuals have already expressed an interest in the building and Mr Ruijssenaars is keen to build a variety of Landscape homes in different countries. The first will be constructed along the Irish coast with a projected construction cost of over $5 million.

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