Six Months Left for the Sydney Monorail

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In less than six months the Metro Monorail will make its final loop around downtown Sydney. On the thirtieth of June it will cease operation after being purchased by the local government of New South Wales. Its demolition will allow for the expansion of the city’s light rail network which originally opened in 1997.

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A complete circuit takes only twelve minutes with four trains running at all times ensuring an efficient system with few waits. The capacity of the network is five-thousand passengers per hour and it currently averages four million passengers annually.

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The three point six kilometre transport system features eight stations and has been axed despite being launched less than twenty-five years ago. It has been consistently criticised for its expensive construction cost and high ticket prices. Research by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper found that it was one of the most expensive public transport systems in the world when taking the short distance between stations into account.

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