St. Louis’ Strange City Museum

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The City Museum of St Louis, Missouri is a unique destination offering a wide range of exhibits and interactive features. Designed to take advantage of the building’s previous existence as a factory and warehouse, the industrial setting contrasts with the many surreal and unique attractions.

St. Louis City Museum
Source: Mike Miley

Restructuring of the building began in January 1995 with the museum opening its doors to the public in October 1997. It also consists of other facilities including a shoelace factory, an aquarium and apartments. On the roof of the museum is a school bus that partially extends over the edge of the building.

Source: Stephen Jones

One of the most popular areas of the museum is a ten storey spiral slide that was installed in 2008.

Sources: pretendtious and Frank Peters

On the first floor is a life-size bowhead whale that visitors can walk through.

Source: Lune Owl

The varied and seemingly random attractions help to create a surreal experience for guests.

Source: straightedge217

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