The Best Buildings in Sheffield, England – #4

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Fourth on our list of best buildings in Sheffield is the Charles Street Car Park, a ten storey facility with over five-hundred parking spaces located in the city centre. It was designed by London-based Allies and Morrison Architects at a cost of sixteen million pounds. It opened in 2008.

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Its unique façade is created by over 3,600 angled panels that are randomly positioned in one of four orientations. Locals have nicknamed the building as the ‘Cheese Grater’. Each panel is painted green on the inside which allows for a natural ambient feel within the car park as green daylight shines through the gaps. At night, a lighting system helps it stand out during the night with varied textures of light.

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The car park is a great example of how cities are trying to move away from parking facilities that are built purely for purpose with exposed concrete ramps and floors often the norm. It is owned by Q-Park, which has facilities across the major cities of the United Kingdom.

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