The World’s Most Insane Water Slide

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Standing at a terrifying forty-one metres high, Insano is the world’s tallest water slide and is the equivalent height of a fourteen storey building. Its status is confirmed by its listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Source of all photographs: Caduuu

With riders reaching speeds of about sixty-five miles (over one hundred kilometres) per hour, the slide takes just five seconds to complete with the majority of it spend in stomach churning weightlessness. Riders are told to cross their feet to prevent crotch injuries as at this speed safety is not to be taken for granted.

Built in 1989, the slide is located in Beach Park which is situated in the north-eastern city of Fortaleza, Brazil. The water park is visited by over six hundred thousand visitors annually and it is considered one of the premier tourist attractions in the region. With numerous slides from single-rider flumes to multi-person rings, the park caters for both families and thrill seekers.

The slide is so high that riders get a view of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

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  1. Nerevs

     (post author)   says:

    I bet some people shit themselves on this thing.

  2. Dancegavindance

     (post author)   says:


    Slides with twists and turns are more fun. This looks terrifying and NOT fun.

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