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Oscar Niemeyer’s Masterpieces of Brasilia

Posted by // December 8th, 2012 // Architecture

Earlier this week saw the sad passing of legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who best known for his involvement in the design of Brasilia, the planned city which became the capital of Brazil in 1960. His dedicated use of reinforced concrete allowed him to sculpt previously impossible shapes and expand the boundaries of building design….

A Trampoline Path in the Middle of Russia?

Posted by // December 7th, 2012 // Architecture

Salto is an architectural firm located in Tallinn, Estonia that was founded in 2004. Although much of its work is within Estonia, back in June the company announced that it would be participating in the Archstoyanie (‘Architectural Standing’) festival held in Nikola-Lenivets, a small Russian village several hours drive from Moscow. This unusual setting for…

Takabisha – the Steepest Roller Coaster Ever

Posted by // November 29th, 2012 // Architecture

Takabisha is the world’s steepest roller coaster with a drop that goes far beyond vertical at 121 degrees. Its name translates from Japanese as being ‘domineering’ and is a pun with the three characters (高飛車) literally meaning ‘high fly car’. It is a record holder courtesy of the angle which is just half a degree…

The ‘Big Shorts’ of CCTV Headquarters, Beijing

Posted by // November 27th, 2012 // Architecture

China Central Television is the state broadcaster for the People’s Republic of China. Its twenty-two channels are available to over one billion Chinese citizens and it also runs additional six international channels in various regions. Its headquarters is located in the Central Business District of Beijing and was completed in May 2012, some eight years…

The World’s Most Insane Water Slide

Posted by // November 20th, 2012 // Architecture

Standing at a terrifying forty-one metres high, Insano is the world’s tallest water slide and is the equivalent height of a fourteen storey building. It’s status is confirmed by it’s listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.
With riders reaching speeds of about sixty-five miles (over one hundred kilometres) per hour, the slide takes just five seconds to complete with the majority of it spend in stomach churning weightlessness.