A Different Way to Decorate – Ixxi Wall Tiles

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Ixxi is an internal wall tiling system that creates large and dramatic images to add character to a room. It was developed by three Dutch designers, Erix Sloot, Paulien Berendsen and Roel Vaessen. Consumers can upload their own photographs to create unique tiles or can choose from a wide range of licensed images.

Included in the delivery package is the Ixxi tiles, coupling pieces (which use ‘i’ and ‘x’ shapes, hence the name) and hanging strips. The tiles are numbered to ensure that the modular installation doesn’t become a complicated jigsaw-like process. The tiles are either twenty by twenty centimetres or ten by ten (if the pixelated option is chosen). Made from synthetic paper, they are moisture resistant and tear-proof.

Given the infinite potential of artwork size chosen, it offers an affordable yet professional looking alternative to posters and canvas prints. It will appeal especially to fans of 8-bit art which has grown in popularity in recent years.

Ixxi website

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