An Example of Minimalist Movie Posters

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Minimalist movie posters have become hugely popular in recent years as people have created their own alternative representation of film through limited colours and bold shapes. The basic principle of this idea has been to communicate the key message, theme or element of a movie through the most simple design possible. Quite simply, less is more. All non-essential structures are removed to focus the eye on what really matters.

However one criticism is that too often, artists use an image that is only relevant if the viewer has seen the movie. Therefore it almost becomes an ‘in joke’ that a limited number of people understand. Another problem is that many follow the format of placing an object in front of a single colour with the movie title (probably in the Helvetica font) across the bottom.

An online search will deliver hundreds, if not thousands, of this type of poster and therefore it can be difficult to find the best artists in the genre. Fortunately we have been able to find and bring to you one of the best that we have seen.

Christopher Conner’s line of Pantone posters representing Marvel superheroes is a fantastic example of this form of minimalism. By using nothing more than block colours, Christopher creates the visualisation of the lead character in each movie. He displays a level of both intelligence and creativity to design the posters that blends the movie in perfectly with the look of Pantone colour charts.

These eleven by seven inch posters are made in England, printed on heavy archival matte paper (weight = 192 grams per square metre) using photolithography printing and dye-based inks.

Christopher Conner’s ‘The Remakes’ online store

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