Graffiti in Naples

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As one of the largest cities in Italy and with a history that dates back to the eighth century BC, it is no surprise that Naples has been an important centre for art and design. As an example, The Academy of Fine Arts was founded in the 18th century as the ‘Royal Academy of Design’ and is a hub for creative students across Italy. Located along the Gulf of Naples, the city consists of a seemingly endless sprawl of historic buildings and monuments. With Mount Vesuvius just under ten kilometres away, the volcano dominates over the city both geographically but also in the minds of Neapolitans who are aware of its awesome power that is just waiting to emerge.

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Popular destinations for visitors to the city include the National Archaeological Museum and Museo di Capodimonte. Fans of contemporary art can appreciate the attractions and exhibitions of the PAN and MADRE museums. A number of stations on the Naples Metro have been re-developed into ‘art stations’. These changes have been implemented to improve the visual appearance of the stations for travellers and give each location an individual presence.

Graffiti in Naples
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Alongside the various artistic attractions mentioned above, in recent decades Naples has become been known for its seemingly never-ending walls of graffiti. Street artists are given free reign in parts of the city without the threat of police intervention and are eager to show their ability and express their views. Neapolitan street artists such as Zilda have developed a strong reputation for their stylish delivery and social expression. Although many would argue that Naples appears run down and in need of development, this has only further endeared the locals to love their city with the idea that they are Neapolitan first, Italian second.

Graffiti in Naples
Source: Mattia Luigi Nappi

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Graffiti in Naples
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Graffiti in Naples
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