How to Create an Dynamic Infographic

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In this modern age of technology, information is everywhere and available whenever or wherever we need it. The internet has enabled people to become more proactive in seeking facts and figures that can answer a question or just be used to procrastinate. However one major problem with this is that with so much data floating around the web, how can one make sure that the data you find is relevant and worthwhile to the cause?

Infographics, a portmanteau of information and graphics, have become a vital aid for companies and organisations to quickly and clearly represent data. This visualisation enables the reader’s brain to see patterns and trends, with a story that can potentially support an argument or simply explain an idea. The most common example of this would be in the images seen in a weather report, with maps and charts showing the forecast.

As the thirst for infographics grows stronger, tools have been created to make the process of developing one easier. Websites like and allow users to take existing templates and add their own data, altering colours and images to create a sense of individuality. Below we showcase a fantastic example that illustrates the common diagrams and charts used in an infographic. This satirical look comes from Think Brilliant, a Portland, Oregon-based design agency.


Think Brilliant

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