Libreria Albero – Tree-Shaped Bookcase

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Roberto Corazza is an Italian designer from the north-east province of Pordenone who has created this stunning bookcase. The Libreria Albero (Library Tree) is a tree-shaped bookcase that offers a unique twist on a classic, natural shape.

It contrasts sharply with the common straight lines of traditional shelving furniture and would stand out as a feature piece in any room. The different angles and lengths of each branch allows for various storage spaces and it can house a range of items. One could interpret the bookcase as being quite symbolic really given its purpose to house books that are made from the very thing it is shaped as.

The bookcase is constructed as a single piece and measures 120 centimetres by 200 centimetres. It is capable of standing freely in open space or can be propped up against a wall dependent on the wishes of the owner. It is not currently available for purchase on the retail market but one can contact Roberto directly for more information.

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  1. Seema Sunil

     (post author)   says:


    I would like to know the cost of this and also let me knw if the same can be shipped to India.

    Seema Sunil

    • Fabrico Magazine

       (post author)   says:

      Hi Seema,

      The bookcase is not for general sale but you can contact the designer on the link at the bottom of the article. Thanks!

  2. Roberto Corazza

     (post author)   says:

    Thank you for your article.
    For any further information, send please an e-mail to:
    You will promptly receive all information you may need and our best offer!
    (subject: Tree Bookcase)

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