November’s Coolest Kickstarter Projects

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Most of you will have heard of Kickstarter by now. The crowd funding website has gained considerable attention as being the number one source of publicly funded initiatives. Projects can range from musician Amanda Palmer raising money for her new album and tour to the Pebble E-paper watch that has seen over ten million U.S. dollars pledged to the cause.

Every month there are new projects trying to gain support in the quest for development and manufacturing. Although many will never get up and running, some are just bizarre and brilliant enough to work. Here are the three best new ideas for November.

Das Horn is a Viking-inspired alternative to drinking from regular cups. Although the idea of drinking horns has existed for thousands of years, creator David Seagall decided that a contemporary version was needed that ticked the three boxes of ease of grip, appearance and ease of drinking. The horn is built from plastic with a stainless steel rim. Importantly it has a capacity of twenty-four ounces (over seven hundred millilitres) and is dishwasher safe. There is also the option for a neck strap to transform drinking into a hands-free experience.

Das Horn

Normally any creativity and innovation during the cooking process comes from the ingredients and use of kitchen utensils. Morlock Enterprises have completely disregarded this and developed a product that looks like a sword attached to a frying pan. Simply incredible. The aluminium base is wrapped in silicone and ensures the handle is well insulated. This means that even when preparing dinner it can quickly be used as a weapon to protect against oncoming zombies and/or monsters. The non-stick coating provides additional protection to deflect away any oncoming attacks. The frying pan is made in Virginia, U.S.A.

Combat Kitchenware

Rubber bands have been flying off fingers ever since they were invented in the 1840s. Here is the ultimate upgrade – the world’s first multi-action rubber band gun. Made from fourteen pieces of laser-cut birch plywood that are held together with binding bolts, they are manufactured in the U.S.A. and available in two models. The Outlaw, pictured below, carries nine bands and offers single shot and rapid fire modes. An advanced model, The Sheriff, is capable of holding an extra rubber band and additional ‘shotgun blast’ mode that releases a brutal collection of bands at the victim.

Bandit Guns

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