The Coolest Disney Vinylmation Collectables

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It’s less than two weeks until Christmas. Have you bought any presents for the kids in your life yet? If not, why not head down to your local Disney Store. The company may have its critics but no-one can deny that all children will do backflips if they unwrap a box featuring some kind of Disney product. Vinylmation is the name for Disney’s range of figures made from vinyl and right now would be the perfect time to start someone’s collection.

Available in sizes ranging from one point five to nine inches, each one is crafted in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s unmistakeable outline but featuring different colours and patterns depending on the theme of the collection. First introduced in 2008, they can be bought from all official Disney retail locations and collectors are actively encouraged by the company to trade with each other. This can even be done at Disney Stores with people being able to swap an unwanted figure for a mystery box containing an unknown version.

The most common form of the Vinylmation collectable is the three inch model, which comes in a sealed box meaning the buyer is unaware of the design inside. All that is know is what collection (‘series’) it comes from. In each series the collectables are printed on the packaging however there is also a mystery figure, known as the ‘chaser’, which is the rarest. The larger nine inch models are limited edition and come packaged with a clear plastic front to allow the purchaser the knowledge of what is within. One particular series, ‘create your own’, comes with no artwork and allow for customisation with the figure being used as a blank three-dimensional canvas. Accessories including decals and rhinestones can be bought to create bespoke designs.

Below are some of the coolest series available, with three model examples:

Star Wars

The Muppets

Toy Story

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Lion King


Disney’s Vinylmation Online Store

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