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Oscar Niemeyer’s Masterpieces of Brasilia

Posted by // December 8th, 2012 // Architecture

Earlier this week saw the sad passing of legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who best known for his involvement in the design of Brasilia, the planned city which became the capital of Brazil in 1960. His dedicated use of reinforced concrete allowed him to sculpt previously impossible shapes and expand the boundaries of building design….

TAM Airlines’ New In-Flight Cabin

Posted by // November 21st, 2012 // Product Design

TAM Linhas Aéreas (TAM Airlines) is the largest airline in Brazil and part of the LATAM Airlines Group which also owns LAN of Chile. Headquartered in São Paulo since its foundation in 1976, the airline runs a fleet of 156 (with another 133 aircraft currently on order). It currently operates five different Airbus and two…

The World’s Most Insane Water Slide

Posted by // November 20th, 2012 // Architecture

Standing at a terrifying forty-one metres high, Insano is the world’s tallest water slide and is the equivalent height of a fourteen storey building. It’s status is confirmed by it’s listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.
With riders reaching speeds of about sixty-five miles (over one hundred kilometres) per hour, the slide takes just five seconds to complete with the majority of it spend in stomach churning weightlessness.