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Libreria Albero – Tree-Shaped Bookcase

Posted by // November 8th, 2012 // Product Design

Roberto Corazza is an Italian designer from the north-east province of Pordenone who has created this stunning bookcase. The Libreria Albero (Library Tree) is a tree-shaped bookcase that offers a unique twist on a classic, natural shape. It contrasts sharply with the common straight lines of traditional shelving furniture and would stand out as a…

Old Italian Car Brand ‘Ermini’ Reborn

Posted by // October 30th, 2012 // Product Design

Ermini may not be a brand you are familiar with. It is an old Italian automobile manufacturer, renowned in the Italian motor racing circuit, which manufactured its last racer over half a century ago. However, the Florentine company is reviving the brand with a very interesting new model, currently called the 686. Ermini promises the finished product will be…